The guys I liked got a girl friend and I can't get over it for some reason...?

So we're in college together and ever since the end of my freshman year (I just started my junior year) we kind of secretly liked each other but neither of us said anything about it, we just flirted back and forth and my friends told me how obvious it was. Anyway there was a really long period where we didn't hang out for a while because one of our mutual friends who we met through quit talking to us and even though we talked in between, we never saw each other until about last March/April (end of last school year) so I was excited to go home over summer then come back in the fall and hang out with him more but then when I came back to school he had a girlfriend.

Anyway it totally kills me now because before I knew he had a girlfriend I would text him and he would never respond and it just upsets me because of how long I've liked him and I don't know why. Normally I can get over things like this but it's killing me


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  • You need to be grown about this. What's more important ... you're current feelings or your self respect? I hope you're going to choose your self-respect.

    You guys had some flirting going on, but for whatever reason, it never developed into more. If it was going to happen, it should have happened then. But it didn't & probably because it wasn't meant to happen. He's apparently able to make things serous if he wants too. But he never did that with you, so it leads me to believe that this meant more to you then it did to him.

    Acknowledge your feelings, but get over it. There is no you & him. If it was ever going to happen it would have and it didn't. I really respect him for not answering your text messages. That's how it should be. She is his girl, and you don't have any business texting him at the moment. You're texting him in hopes that there's more & his not answering you is a clear confirmation that there is not. Respect their relationship & move on. Find a single, available guy.