He texted after break up?

Long story short: I went through financial troubles and a depression and ended up seeking a sugar daddy. At first I didn't want a married man as I think cheating is the worst thing you can do to a person. I was convenced of my sugar daddys reasoning and gave him a chance, not expecting to fall for him at all. I'm 23 and he's older. After two months of dating as he treated me better than any guy I've dated I lost my v vard to him. I gave up waiting for someone to love me back and he gave me the attention and the affection I craved.

We spent 5 months together and I Fall for him. I start thinking he's falling for me. I know he would never leave his wife and logically we could never be together, but I thought he loved me anyway. He says no and decides he wants to.see other girls because the exclusivity and my feelings scare him. I know he cheated on his wife, so what makes me so special, but I was hurt. he says how he didn't mean to hurt me and wants to stay friends. At first I agreed, then a week with no contact made me.realize I have paychological issues of dependency and low self.esteem that need addressing. I alao hate being friends after bu as it makes it harder to move on. I know he doesn't want me to hate him, but.he.respected this. Then four days later he texts me asking how I'm holding up and tells me he is always here for me if I need advice or just a laugh. Why!?


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  • I will convey this as gently as I can. The guy is scum. He used you then and is trying to use you now, so stay away.


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  • because basically he took your virginity KNOWING he didn't want a future with you and doesn't want any hard feelings,he told you everything you wanted to hear and you had sex w someone elses husband and this is karma.i hope you learned a lesson here.


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