Confusing signals, what does he want?

I love a guy. But I don't understand his signals, and it really hurts. We used to go out one year ago. We have an amazing energy between us and I would say we are the perfect match. After about two months of dating we had sex. The morning after he made breakfast and we went out for a walk. Then he suddenly, out of the blue said: I like you and I like spending time with you, but we can not be together. I was so surprised that I just said "No, don't worry, it ok", even though I wanted to run away. Then after a week of thinking I found out that I wanted to tell him how I really felt. So Saturday night I went over to his house and told him that I liked him. I told that he did not have to answer because I allready knew how he felt. He listened and nodded. After that I don't know what happened, we had a great time as always, and then without purpose I lost my last bus back home. So I slept over. The morning after I felt terrible. I came over to tell him how I felt, and then we slept together, and I knew we didn't want me. So I woke up and got dressed. He asked me if I was going to leave, but I did not answer him. Then I left, and we did not speak anymore for 10 months. 10 months later I logged on Skype, and he started to talk to me. I was really surprised. He asked me what I was doing ect. He had moved back to his hometown, and I was going there just some weeks later, so I asked if he would like to meet me. He said that if I wanted I could stay at his place and we could be a couple for a week. Ofcourse I replied yes. So a few weeks later I came to his place. I was really curious on how he was going to act and what he ment about being a couple. We had a great time when I came there, and the first night we had sex as expected (I took the initiative). The next 3 nights he slept with his back turned agaist me, (and he had a single bed!). The first of these 3 nights I though it was nice to not do anything, just being together. The second night I started to be a little frustrated, so I carefully tried to get close to him during the night. I kissed him really softly on his neck, cheek and so one. But then he said he wanted to sleep(!) I turned around and almost wanted to cry, I was so confused and I have never been rejected on that before. The night after I did not try and neither did he, he just slept with his back turned against me as usual. After this night I found out it was time to go home. The strange thing is that the energy was so great all day, with lots of flirting, lots of humor and amazing conversations. I went home, and I honestly did not know if I had a nice trip or not. I was so sad and so happy. We had some amazing days together, but really strange nights. When I left, he followed me to the metro, gave me a hug and said bye, have a nice trip. I said thanks, bye. I am so confused. He invites me over after 10 months as his girlfriend for a week, and he does not even take advantage of it. What is going on? And what should I do now?


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  • he doesn't want anything for you


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