Is she losing interest or is it something else?

Hey ladies and/or gents I could use some advice. I am recently divorced after 6 years of a bad marriage and have started dating again. I kinda need some input as I am naturally a good bit rusty at this sort of thing. I have been seeing another divorced woman for several months now and I really like her. She initially seemed to be really into me as well. We hit it of great and have been on several dates. We both met each others kids which was a huge deal for both of us (this was in a strictly friends only play date type setting however). We were spending a lot of time together and then she suddenly started backing off. When I try to make plans I get a maybe rather than a firm yes and we are seeing less of each other. Now for the back story we both obviously have baggage all divorced people due especially if they have kids. We are also both relatively busy. She has also made it a point to be very independent and told me up front that her friends come first. At least for awhile. She had been burned pretty bad on her first post divorce relationship and naturally her divorce and was adamant she wanted to take things slowly. That's just fine except I was surprised at how strongly she came onto me after all that talk of taking it slow. I didn't mind but, suddenly all that kinda stopped. She still calls or texts me nearly everyday but, I find myself rather low on her priority list suddenly. Do you guys think she is losing interest or is it that she came on too strong and feels she has to back off? Is it something else I am missing like she is scared or is it some kind of test to see if I will stick around?


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  • Given you both have children, a lot of her focus may be on the kids, then whatever else is going on with her. If she's still talking to you every day, she's still interested. Reach out to her and tell her what you've told us here. Tell her how you want to respect her space needs but would like to know where you two stand - if there's room for you in her hectic life.


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