How do I win my ex's trust back (for friendship)?

My ex would like to become friends because whenever we're together it's fun. However I get this feeling in my gut she doesn't really trust me. How to win this back? Read on for some more information if you want to.

This trust issue was confirmed when she came over to watch a movie last week because she brought up some of the things that hurt her while we were together. I told her that's in the past and I've changed now (I didn't cheat on her or something, but it's a long story) so it's a bit mean to bring it up unless ofc she's still bothered by it and wants to talk about it. She replied: 'Yeah you've changed'. But the fact that she brought it up means she's still hurt right?

We're going for some coffee on Wednesday to just hang out and have fun. I plan to act casual but I'm wondering if that's really the best approach. I think I want to give her some space after Wednesday. But I'm not sure if that'll help.


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  • There's a reason why she is your ex, I'd keep my guard up

    • Yeah I know and I am, thanks :)

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    • Good luck with the friendship!

    • thx!

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