His ex girlfriends all had smoking hot bodies and weren't afraid to show it off

Does he want me to do that too?

I know I shouldn't have been looking, but I did and now I feel bad. It got me wondering is that how he wants me to look? I feel I can't keep up with them.

We live near New Orleans so it's relativley warm all year long. And well his exes constantly wore very attention grabbing outfits like this link link link Their choice in clothes may be debatable, but they'll sure get a lot of looks when they walk down the street.

Is that what he wants? Like his girlfriend to show off what she has?Since before me, he always went for that.

I'm more into roughly knee long summer dresses and flowing fabrics link link

Needless to say, to wear outfits like that, his exes all had super hot bodies. Really toned and not a gram to much fat. So does he actually, he has a great body. I just feel like the odd one out there. I'm not fat by all means but I wouldn't feel comfortable to go out like they do.

I asked about his past relationships once and he just said that he never stayed with any of them for longer than three months, so it doesn't matter. We've been together for 7 months, so that's a good sign, right?


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  • He must like you for who you are otherwise he would not be with you


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  • Maybe he didn't find what he was looking for with those girls, and he needs something more substantial, not superficial. Woman should wear clothes that make them feel comfortable, and leaves something to the imagination. I feel woman who dress like that, that's all they know how to get a man's attention. They are making up in image, what their brains lack. In order to draw in and get a man, you have to have much more than a smoking hot body. You have to have substance. A good looking girl can only keep a man's attention for so long. With that said. You should appreciate your body, and only show it off to the man you are with, and I think that shows respect to your man too. That you value your goods, and keep them only for him to see. I think guys like that better. The good ones anyway.


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