Do you think I'm possessive or insecure?

Recently my boyfriend stop me up for my birthday,he never told me happy birthday then when I went to his house the next day his ex was leaving , he says she just took him to do something for his child then dropped him off but I went off Because I was stood up for my birthday and he had no business being around his ex when he's in a relationship with me , it's unacceptable. He explained a lot of things as to why he couldn't go threw with the plans for my birthday , having to be the one to take care of his younger siblings, but my problem is he was able to go to a club.. So after I had forgiven him of all this I see him call his ex his ole lady,I admit I went completely off threw text being that I couldn't contact him but he should of never said it , so he's angry saying I know that she's not and he didn't mean it like that and he says I'm insecure , possessive and pushing him away , now I admit I was wrong for looking at his page but again he shouldn't have done the things that he has done, I'm a good woman I do everything I can to please this man .. Do you think I'm insecure ad possessive?


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  • You really are insecure and possive. That's okay.


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