Why would a guy message but not reply back?

I met this guy like three weeks ago. He use to go to my high school but I didn't know him and when he saw me he waved and smiled really big saying hi. He asked if we went to _____ together and I said yea. The next week I saw him again while I was waiting for my friend. As I was walking I realized it was him and turned back to smile and wave. He was looking and waved back..after that he ends up going to up to me and making small talk..he kept smiling and laughing and he didn't want to let me go to class lol

I added him on fb and he approved. He took 5 hrs to message me and lately he is the one who messages me but he won't reply back. Like he will message me twice in a day or take off a whole day then message me again another day..

Why would he message me and not reply back? I'm just confused

And does he like me?


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  • Maybe you should message in another way then FB. I really hate when people message me there so it takes a while for me to reply although I also take a girl adding me on FB instead of a number as a sign she isn't really interested.


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