Why is he changing minds so easily?

I got an email from my ex telling me how much he misses me and how am I important to his life but I said:

After what happened I realized that maybe we're not meant to be together...that maybe I am destined to be with someone else and you as well..

I am sure you can live without me..u already did the moment you decided to take vanessa's advice of testing me..with my current boyfriend, he always thinks of my welfare and if I said no to his sexual advances he would understand..on your part that is not the case..

i've been traumatized with what happened in the past..i don't want to happened it again which is why I don't want to come to your arms anymore..i don't want to cry anymore..

anyways you never believed me..never...u even thought that I am a drama queen who needs a lot of attention..so I think it is better if we just stay this way...

and besides I already told you my terms and you said you can't obliged so I guess the decision has been made and you only prove that you cannot do everything just to win me back...

lastly things have changed now..i am happy with my boyfriend now..i've given you a lot of chances but you all wasted it..so now I am placing a big wall just to protect myself..

the more you tell me that you cannot live without me, the more negative memories come back..i may forgive you but those things can't be easily forgettable..

no matter how you protect it, (the crazy woman) will still find out..u even go on her side by stopping me to call her names though she deserves it..anyways she's calling me bitch, ugly, poor, immature, desperate, crazy, fat, etc..i know u're still working with her in the same company...unless I see that u've change jobs or she's terminated then I cannot have a peace of mind...until I realized that you hated her forever to a point you don't want to see her face or just hear her name, I don't think I want to be with you again..i know its difficult but that's the only way..unless (the crazy woman) is out of your life forever then I won't come back.



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  • he's playing games


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