Why won't my ex delete our relationship from Facebook?

I found out my boyfriend was lying to me about not being able to meet me, so I finished it with him. I thought about what I had done and decided that if I was serious about him I should give our relationship a chance. He later told me that his feelings had changed and he wasn't sure whether he wanted to settle down, he wasn't sure what he wanted right now and didn't know what to do. I gave him the rest of the day to decide whether he wanted to stay with me. He didn't reply so I take it after not speaking to him since yesterday he doesn't want a relationship, but he won't delete our relationship or me from Facebook. Why won't he delete it if he doesn't want me?


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  • He seems to still think that you two are still able to correct your problems and date once more.

  • Maybe he's still thinking. Maybe something happened and he just doesn't know how to say it yet (I don't mean maybe he cheated or anything, just to make that clear). If you don't hear from him by tomorrow, I'd suggest calling and asking what's going on and if everything is alright--even if you two do break up, there's no harm in ending on good terms and still being friends.

    Or, maybe he doesn't want to/doesn't know if you want to make the breakup public knowledge among your friends yet. My ex and I stayed great friends after our breakup. We didn't make it public right away though. We waited around one month to actually end the relationship on Facebook. It was just to give us some time to get the breakup behind us I think, that way it wasn't as hard once we got to that point (though it still was for me, but regardless...)


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