How can I stop being so insecure/ jealous of his ex girlfriend?

So I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. I've know him since he was 12 and he's only had one other girlfriend besides me. He liked me since the day he met me and asked me out twice and I said no because I wasn't ready for a relationship. He ended up dating one of my best friends. It lasted 2 months and they made out a lot, and there was talk about what would happen if she got pregnant. He says he felt sorry for her, and making out was all they ever did.

He and I started dating about 2 years ago and she made up a lot of rumors and tried to tear us apart. Anyway, I've never been with any other guy at all, he's my first everything.

I still have days when I get really insecure and jealous of her. I feel somehow less than her, I don't know why. I always wanted to only have one guy, and for him to even be the only one I ever even kissed. We are planning to get married, but I don't know how to talk to him about this.

He can't feel jealous of my past, so he can't understand what I feel. Please help me


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  • Your jealousy is a natural reaction to the way his ex has been messing with you two. I think that time will make her irrelevant. Just sit tight and be happy with the knowledge that you get him all to yourself, and she will never have him again ; )


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  • Look at it this way - he wanted you, but couldn't have you at the time, so he went out with her to try to get over you, but he OBVIOUSLY didn't get over you, and all she managed to do in his heart was to make his feelings for you even stronger.


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