Guys and girls, would you take back a long distance partner who cheated because they needed sex so much?

well me and my boyfriend were so loving and everything , but we live in different countries and there was no any sexual action between us , he held himself as much as possible and did not cheat on me , instead he broke up with me for 2 months to sleep around although I begged him not to ,but he insisted , so after 2 months of sleeping around he texted me saying he wants us back and that it was a mistake , what do you think of that ? knowing that we will have to remain long distance for 3 more years , would you take along distance partner who left you to have sex because they needed it so much? I still love him but not sure to take the risk again or what


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  • No, no one NEEDS sex... yes people will have a strong desire for sex. But saying you need it is a completely bogus answer. I have a high sex drive, but I don't need to sleep with everyone. Sounds like he's just making stupid excuses, on top of that it's selfish... he's put his own 'needs' above your relationship. Which means he values sex more than he values you. I think that's stupid. Cheating or not I wouldn't consider someone who has that view.

    • thanks for your answer :) he didn't sleep with everyone , he stayed without sex for nearly 5 months and the blew it , and he didn't exactly tell the reason why he broke up for those 2 months but I figured it out knowing that he has been sleeping with girls , so I knew it was that he needed sex , anyway, could you stay for 4 years without sex if you are inlove with a girl ?

    • I know, that's why I said cheating or not that it's not a valid reason. Yep, I was in an on off relationship for two years without sex and never considered leaving her for sex. Sure four years is twice as long but I know I'd still easily be able to do it.

    • you must be a great boyfriend material , good luck with that :)

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  • That's not cheating.

    If you're still long distance, what's going to be different?

    Stay in touch, in 3 years, who knows.

    • by the way I loved your idea :D , why not contact if it will always be long distance anyway :D

  • Long distance relationships are so hard to keep on.

    But it seems like this relationship deserves one more chance..

    Womans doesn't forget but forgive,

    Men doesn't forgive but forget..

  • I would assume that long distance is too much for our relationship and I would leave them

    • sorry didn't get that ? can you explain please, you mean you are basically against long distance ? or that you won't forgive him/her ?

    • Not against long distance. But the relationship needs to be strong enough to handle the issues that come with it. If one aid cheats, even if it was honestly a mistake that they regret, it still shows some deep issues about their relationship that likely couldn't be solved if they weren't long distance. Not seeing the person afterward only adds to that pain, mistrust and negativity

  • no never


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