Ex girlfriend doesn't want to continue relationship?

gf of 2 years just broke up with me 2 weeks ago..

She said this

“I’m so sorry I’m doing this to you.. Now I really want to be by my own! No relations.. Just alone! your right to be pissed and disappointed and I wish I could change things but I can’t,. I don’t feel it! I feel I wanna be alone! I’m here! Whatever happens I’ll be there if you need me.. You made me happy and you are great.. It’s me not you! I’m really sorry.. Be mad at me.. I’ll be here for you.. No matter what!You will always be part of my heart!”

I didn’t reply anymore after this email.

so this is 2 weeks ago..

I don’t know what to do? good thing is I can control myself to not contact her anymore or to not even reply to this email..

but we are still friends in Facebook.

I’m posting stuff in my Facebook like nothing happened. Like I went to this restaurant.. basically showing her that I can live life without her and I’m happy.. but deep inside I am truly hurt

some people told me to don't remove Facebook cause it makes you look like more of a looser or more affected. she still didn't remove the pictures we have on her Facebook..

based on what she messaged me what do guys think could be the reason for her doing this? I’ve been great to her all the time.. is this loose of attraction? confused?

also another problem is we are currently long distance at the moment due to her work in Europe and we talked about me moving there in 4 months. still she did this.

I’m definitely sure it’s not because third party because she told me there is no one and she just wanted to be alone..

I’m confuse as hell but at the same time don’t want to contact her..

advice please.


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  • Advice is, it could be anything.

    She used the excuse of wanting to be "alone". Has she always had a boyfriend before you? Is she one of those girls that jumps from guy to guy to guy? She might actually want to experience the single life for once now, and that's not your fault, that's her own.

    Another thing, even though she has said there is no one else, not to drive you nutso right now, but you don't know that. You don't know if there is someone or if there isn't. Life in Europe is a lot different then it is here in Canada and USA. Its a lot more care free. Anyways I'm sure there isn't another person but you don't know that. (and I'm not trying to drive you nuts, but normally when this happens there normally is someone else) [judging on your circumstances aka she's in Europe and your here.]

    Your confused because you didn't see this coming. The only thing you can do it just let go.

    I personally wouldn't keep her on my Facebook, or any other type of social media website. Your friends now can tell you good advice but at the sametime it could be bad, aka she still knows what your doing. So its upto you on how you would like to play your cards.

    Other then that, you must let go of her, and live your life now. I know you saw a life with her, but she clearly didn't see it with you. I'm sorry to say. And you must with her the best and go forward. If she does want to contact you, I'm sure this girl will.

    • Man thanks for the advice.. That's what I'm doing right now moving on.. whether there is someone else or not.. I think it doesn't really matter right?

      She Doesn't wanna be with me anymore so I'll let her do what she wants.. Actually past years yes she do always have a boyfriend but it doesn't work out but they are all long term relationships.. I guess I should have knew that on the start, I should have trust my guts before but I gave her a chance cause she told me I'm different from her past

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    • See that's the problem now. knowing what she has done, or who she's done, or were she's gone, how can you respect that now? If she's a truthful person you can use you own discretion on deciding if you want to talk to her again. but then again, why would you want too? Look at the pain your in right now. Why would you want someone back in your life who still needs to figure things out. Get what I mean? What if she came back, you had kids with her, and she said she wanted this road again? not cool

    • And yes what I went through was really tough. Especially since I knew her since we were in diapers, and our families were really close our intire lives. So yes it was very devastating on both ends of the family. Her family still acknowledges me to this day when they see me at the mall or something, its quite crazy. They all still tell me how she's stupid for doing what she did. Her own parents tell me this. LOL so w.e. I'm over it now, but yes it was very hard.

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