What do you think about cheating?

What do you think about cheating? Do you think cheating is about the other person? My boyfriend thinks cheating isn't about the person they're with.


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  • Often times people cheat because their partner is not effectively meeting their needs. It doesn't make it right, but it is what it is.

    • That 'need' may be variety: eating caviar and lobster or a T-bone steak or French cuisine drinking champagne is very fine, but if you ONLY got that, 52 weeks/year wouldn't you like a pizza or a hamburger with a coke every once in a while?

      The BIG Question is: is that 'need' REALLY more important than your partner?~?

      My wife is really nice Caucasian, a bit 'rounded' and seeing different shapes and looks I wonder indeed, how it would be if... But her feelings are WAY more important to me.

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  • What do I think about cheating? I think it's absolutely disgusting.

    Do I think cheating is about your partner? NO!

    Cheating is about being selfish.

    Cheating is about being a coward.

    Cheating is about being a hypocrite.

    I have no respect for cheaters. They are the scum of the earth. I place more value on a diseased sewer rat than on a cheater.

  • Cheating? Well, I'm not against cheating because of the morals, I'm just afraid of the consequences of being caugh-

    ... Oh, THAT sort of cheating...

  • It certainly is NOT always all about the cheater, which seems to be the conclusion most people jump to. Sometimes it's about the cheater, sometimes it's about his/her partner, sometimes both. You can't really make a blanket statement about that.


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  • I think both parties are equally guilty when both parties are aware that it is cheating. There are cases where cheating goes on where only the cheater knows.

    I fell into this one time years ago. It's not a good feeling to know you were duped by someone you thought was ok.

  • cheating is wrong in every sense...


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