Does he have the right to make it awkward?

So I sort-of saw this guy for a little bit. It was nothing official, we both casually made-out a couple of times and hung out a lot but nothing serious. Then, he stopped talking to me all together because he got got back together with his ex. I was not really interested in him romantically so it didn't really phase me. Fast forward about a month after this happened. At a Halloween party an extremely drunk me ended up hooking up with one of our mutual friends. We then proceeded to hookup the next night as well at a kickback at my house (we were both sober). We then made plans to hang out tonight at another friend's party but I'm worried that the guy who got back together with his ex will be there. I do not think they both know that I have had a thing with the both of them, but the thing is I'm starting to like the second guy a lot more than I ever did the guy who got back together with his ex. I'm worried that someone will say something.

Does he (the guy who got back together with his ex) have the right to make it awkward? What should I do? Should I act like nothing is going on even though we are rolling to a party together? This situation is so awkward but I really am starting to like this guy (the mutual friend) quite a bit.


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  • Don't let it phase you. Don't let it matter. Even if he says something, how the fuck does it even matter?

    You "hooked up" right? In other words you "made out" right? That's pretty innocent. Inconsequential. It doesn't matter. It shouldn't matter. It sholdn't matter to anyone except the extremely shallow and insecure. If your second guy really has such a problem with it, then clearly he's shallow and insecure as well, and clearly needs to take the stick out. If that's the case, do you really want to date someone like that?

    Anyway, it's not awkward unless you let it get awkward. Don't get embarrassed. Don't hide it. If it comes up, so what? But just treat the whole thing like a fucking non-issue, because that's what it is. That's all it will be if you let it be.

    If you're still so hung up on this, I suppose if you want, you can run interference, you can do damage control, and do something to prevent him from opening his fat mouth, or get friends to block him, like a good wingman. Somebody to watch your back. You could also get a hold of him before the night and either ask nicely or demand forcefully, that he not try to fuck with you and your plans.

    But as I said, I really think you should just let it go. It doesn't matter, and you shouldn't let it. If you don't let it, it likely won't. If the guy you like has such a problem with you having kissed someone else, then goddamn, you're so much better off without him. Seriously, you are.

    Good luck.

    • So what happened, anyway?

    • What ended up happening is probably the oddest thing I've ever experienced when it came to stuff like this. I ended up going to the party/kickback sort of thing and had a great time. I just didn't act awkward about anything and in turn the guy I originally hooked up with did the same. I actually met and bonded with his girlfriend (she is so nice!). It was even funnier when a few days later (on actual Halloween) he drunkenly came up and gave me dating advice. I'm now dating the new guy!

    • Awesome. I and others here were basically saying you shouldn't let it get awkward, so you didn't, and things worked out. Plus, he even ended up being pretty decent? Great! I'm glad this all turned out so well. Best of luck with you and your new guy.

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  • Just go and have fun. Being young is about getting out and experiencing, not worrying about "what if's".

    Good luck, never care about what others think, just be content with your decisions.

  • just go and don't give a f*** if he finds out or knows. its better to live your life thatway


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