My ex keeps calling me hun and what I think is flirting, he has a girlfriend though.

He keeps calling me hun, and randomly tickling me during class(Class A).

(Class B)He asked me to come with him to the library during class time just to joke around when he has plenty of other friends in our class to do this with at the same time randomly turns towards me to say just to say hi (also Class B)

Yesterday he sent me a text telling me my "t*ts look amazing" and I couldn't tell at all what that was all about (Class A)

He has a girlfriend but its not serious and his whole reason of breaking up with me was because he couldn't handle a serious relationship right now...I'm totally confused and my friends are all relationship challenged please help

(PS he sits next to me in Class A but across the room in Class B)

Extra info

We are in 11th grade

Sorry if that may have been to much information
Today in class A he took the ring I made off my finger, I tell him I made it and he responds saying "I could make you a real ring out of steel in tec ed, cause you know if you like it you put a ring on it"

...this is really confusing


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  • just ignore him, he wants his cake and to eat it too


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