Is my co-worker flirting with me?

I'm the bartender, he is a waiter. He has a girlfriend he lives with. He doesn't talk about her at all. He keeps joking with me and teasing me . Sometimes when I'm checking my phone in the cut he will get in my personal space a little and move back immediately. We literally bumped into each other at work a few times so far and the way he grabbed my waist to avoid hitting me I think we both felt it was intense. He asked me if I'm on FB & but I said I would have to search his name because mine won't show up in search so we decided exchsngin nunbers so he can text me his fullname. Lol and he texted me that's his # & that to see me Thursday (thats when we work together again)

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  • I think he either is flirting with you or being flirty is just how he is. Find out how he acts around other female friends/coworkers


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