Why is she acting like this?

There is this girl in my class and when we are together in class, she seems very flirty, I catch her staring at me from time to time, when crosses her legs she puts her foot on my calf and leaves it there casually like its normal, she talks differently to me when compared to other guys in my class, and everyone has taken notice that there is some kind of attraction.

But today we met up to do our group project and I had to initiate the conversation the entire time, she was very quiet and very reserved. Almost as if she didn't want to be there with me. I told her to leave several times and she said she wanted to stay because she felt as if she would be abandoning me. So I closed my laptop and we talked about some bad experiences I had with my family then she just gave me a handshake and walked away, I called her back asking for a hug which she gave but she walked away very quickly.

Another thing that was very interesting was she said that she's afraid I'll hurt her because I high fived really hard one time, and I told her that I'm afraid of her because she tackled me one time trying to hug me and choked me.

So what's going on? Why is she acting one way in the class room but when we were together she was completely different? And why does that one high five have to do with anything?

I asked her about the leg thing and she said she didn't even know she was doing that. I told her I didn't mind, but she said she was going to stop.


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  • Really hard to judge. This is when girls become an enigma.

    I would say she's just one of those flirty girls that flirts when she's friendly (which peeves me off). However since she isn't like that around other people, and others have noticed it, then I'm confused as well. Also how did she no notice her foot was on your calf? I'm always conscious about where my feet are. Maybe she is just being friendly, and actually didn't realize her foot on your calf?

    Has she been flirty with you in class since the group project? If not then maybe there's something else going on? Maybe she liked/likes you, but heard something about you? Maybe you gave off a vibe that you're not into her? Maybe she's tired of you never making a move? How long has this been going on?

    Maybe a girl needs to comment on this.


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