Did I make the right move?

I recently found out that a girl who was in my high school graduating class (2009) is back home for awhile.

i decided to reach out to her though Facebook

I liked her in high school but we really didn't see any of each other. all I can remember is exchanging hellos and other pleasantries in the parking lot.

So because we really didn't ever know each other I thought that it would be too weird to post something on her wall or to give her an I'm

we had a very brief conversation in messaging back in high school so I decided to go that route.

I didn't want to sound to forward, specific or make it obvious that I liked her or something.

what I ended up doing was picking up on the years old conversation we already had. Just an arbitrary question about the event we had discussed. this is assuming she hadn't deleted the previous messages in which case what I said would make no sense.

while a little strange I figured that she would take the question as an invitation to talk.

what do you think?

If I fouled up could I just tell her my intentions and how I feel straight up or just move on?
just to clarify. the conversation that I am referring to was on Facebook messaging. so my thinking was that what I said, although weird, would make sense when seen along with the older messages. however this is assuming she still has them.



Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeahh it's kinda weird that you'd just pick up conversation from 4 years ago, like nothing had happened. It would have been better to catch up with her.

    BUT that's in the past, so don't worry! If she's home now, why don't you ask her to hang out? Say something like "Our city X has changed so much, I want to show you how much you've missed!"

    Keep in mind that she's only back in town for a little bit before she has to leave again for college or whatever, so don't pursue anything serious as your main goal. Just have fun catching up with an old friend, and see how it goes there ;)


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  • Honestly, I think you probably should of started out messaging her just saying " hey how's it going, just decided to message you since I haven't seen you since high school". because chances are she probably won't even remember having the conversation with you that happened back in 2009. you should tell her your intentions, and invite her to have coffee or to get something to eat and if she rejects you than you can't say you didn't try and you can move on.


What Guys Said 3

  • I think it would be weird to pick up the years old conversation like it just happened. Just chat her up like SammiiSweetie suggested

  • what the girl just said there is what I was going to say, so yeah do that

  • SammiSweetie has the best answer. I would have said the same thing.


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