Is he interested or wants to be friends?

He went up to me recently out of nowhere smiling and waving hi, we don't have each other for class but we did go to high school together but I didn't know him. The next time we saw each other I saw him looking at me and I told him hi and he said hi back. He ended up stopping to make conversation and didn't want to end it.

Well I added him on fb and he messaged me a couple of hours later and at times he wouldn't respond back but he would be the first to always message me. I ended up messaging him so he wouldn't think I wasn't interested. I said this cat reminded me of him(he talked about cats at one point) and I said the cat was cute and he asked if I thought he was cute and I told him of course that's a yes and he said I was cute too.

After that he kept replying back to me and if he didn't respond right away he apologized and I got the feeling he was tired of talking so much so I ended it saying I was sleepy and he put good night and sweet dreams with a cute sleeping cat icon. Well the next day he commented on my activity on candy crush and said I was farr and I replied to him and he put ":) good job :p"

Does this mean he is interested in me and is trying to see how it goes or he just wants to be friends?
Also was he flirting with me saying I was cute because he wanted to flirt with me or was just being polite?


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  • Hi.

    Surprisingly, not everything negative he posts will be about you.

    I think he probably is still interested in you, and you didn't ruin it with him.

    My only advice is that maybe you shouldn't expect him to text you first all the time, text him first once in a while.

    ~ Enzi Ramzo ~

    • To be honest I am kind of scared to message him right now because I feel like I did ruin it. I just hope he will ask me to hang out again

    • Truth be told, you don't need to be scared to message him.

      Just send him a little one saying hi, and that you hope he's okay.

      Nothing major in that, but yet, it's led the way for him to know you're still there.

      When he realizes that, he'll be there for you too.

    • I just feel like he didn't want to since he didn't respond yesterday to my "heeyy :)" I don't want to be a bother. I just wonder if he knows I am interested and I do want to see him or he took it as a no because I was not lying about my phone

  • My opinion hasn't changed. He was flirting with you and does like you.


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