The most hurtful moment in your life?

What was it? When did it happen? What did you do?

Mine was when I found out my ex boyfriend and ex BFF were messing around behind my back. I walked in and caught them 'waking up from a nap together'. LOL. I can laugh about it now, but things did not end pretty for either one of them.


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  • When my ex boyfriend broke up with me at my prom :( to make matters worse, he was my guest. I invited him from outside so I had to go through the rest of the evening alone, including the after party. And, as if that wasn't sucky enough, a EX close friend of mine kept dancing with him prior to him dumping me and he left me alone at my table multiple times to have fun with her instead. He also disappeared with her after he left me and they drove off together. This was a very good friend of mine. Oh and till this day I never got a reason for why he called a 7 month relationship off. I'm over him now, and can also look back with a smile. I was never that into him (I didn't love him) but it's just hurtful to think that someone who claimed they loved me, would do something like that to me.

    • Wow, what a jerk. You're gorgeous, so thank god that loser left you now than later; he saved you a lot of time. I can only imagine how hurtful that must have been, I'm glad you've moved on from this!

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    • You're welx : D

      & yes, this is indeed true. If you don't date a few losers, you won't realize once you've found your winner! lol I had my share of total douchbags, but I finally found someone worth my while. :)


    • Aww super happy for you! You deserve it <3

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  • When my sister died. She was born early and only lasted a few hours, the technology didn't exist to keep her alive back then. Definitely the lowest point of my life, but there are many other lows as well.


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  • when people around me who I cared for and loved passed away. It has always been the worst that happens... but putting death aside I would say when the guy I was messing around with and wanted to date told me that he didn't want to date me because he was interested in someone else, but that he still wanted to be fck buddies... it hurt at the moment and I cried over it, which I had never understood why girls cried over men until that point. Now it makes me feel STUPID and mad that I ever reacted like that.

    Other hurtful moments were when people I thought were my friends were just back stabbing bitches.


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