What kind of reply is this?

The past month my boyfriend and I have been, let's say...off balance. I now have this feeling that maybe he is seeing someone else.

We have been together 6 years, living together about 5.

I was sitting at work, over thinking things like most women do so I just text him to ask if he was seeing someone else.

He knows I have been worried, and I have mentioned to him before how I feel things are wrong.

He didn't reply to my text, so I sent him another one about 4 hours later saying I knew he was ignoring me (he's at home today).

He text back saying, he wasn't going to reply to a stupid question.

So guys, with a reply like that from a guy, does that mean he is seeing someone else...cause if he wasn't you would think he would reply with a no, I'm not...I guess if he were to lie he would say that too lol

What should I think about that reply?

Also, he's been very distant, lacking sex, communication is way off, and he just doesn't seem to want to be around me...these are my reasons of feeling the way I am...


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  • His reply suggests that he was insulted by the suggestion that he was seeing someone else. This is not proof that he isn't but it certainly does not support that he is.

    The distance is a problem whether he involved with someone else or not. That needs to be dealt with. This might be harder if he feels you are accusing him of wrongdoing. Try to approach this in a non-judgmental way so you can get to the bottom of it.


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