Can anyone (especially guys) give me an explanation for his behavior? Sorry, it's long.

I met this one guy in of my classes in the beginning of the semester. Since then we have only sat by each other and have become good friends... I didn't get his number until the beginning of this month, but once that happened we talked a lot and had a huge connection. I'm not just saying we were attracted to each other, like we talked about things that really mattered to us and we discussed things we don't tell a lot of people. We just learned to trust each other and I felt like he could really understand me. Then he started talking to me like he was interested which I didn't mind because I was definitely interested in him. We didn't really hold back on anything we were thinking. I always told him how he gives me something to look forward to and he always said how cute or beautiful I was and how he felt lucky to have met me. I didn't feel like he was just trying to flatter me, I can tell how genuine he is. We were just open, and it felt nice because I haven't been like that with any guy nor have I felt so right about opening up to a person. He was also such a sweetheart. One time I missed my bus and woke him up and he was so happy to come pick me up and help me out. We just loved doing things for each other. He told me that no one has ever been able to read him like I have and it's because we're so alike. We're both more introverted and we both overanalyze things and I love that I've met someone like that. Definitely rare. Anyways, lately he's been distant. We planned to spend Halloween together and go to haunted houses, but when I asked him if he had work through text the other day, he didn't even reply. We used to have long conversations over text which is lame, but our only way at the time, but now, it just seems like he doesn't want to talk to me. He does have some issues as does everyone else, but I just don't understand how we can go to talking all the time and me feeling secure in knowing that he's interested and wants to spend time with me to feeling so unsure and like I'm just being annoying if I try to interact with him at all. I over think things and I am pretty insecure, but I really just can't understand and I'm so unhappy about this. I feel like anything I try or anyone I try to get close with just doesn't want the same thing and I thought it was different with him. The worst thing about it is that even if he were to completely reject even though he definitely led me on, I would still wish the best for him because I think he's such a great guy. I care for him so much even though I haven't known him for that long, but it's like I can tell he really is a special person and I'm just really upset and don't know what to think... Thoughts?


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  • guys can be hot and cold for no reason,they are not like us women,we are emotional1 they are more physical...stop all contact and maybe change where you are seated,his behavior is un called for and you deserve at the very least an explanation


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