True or false, if everyone just read other people's questions, they would already have their answers?

I've noticed this, especially with relationships, and I'm sure you have to.

Is he into me? Mixed signals? Ex's? Yes I think we could all agree relationships is probably the most popular question for everyone to talk about, but is also probably the least discussed.

Yes, I think we can also all agree that giving advice on the same thing eventually gets boring and annoying that's why GAG tries to warn us before we post our question.

But of course no one can take the time to stop and reads someone else's question or answer. It would really save all of us a lot of time and confusion?

So why must everyone question the same thing instead of finding their own answer?

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  • That's what GAG is for!!!
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  • I agree, but we would eventually run out of things to answer/ ask if we didn't .
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  • Everyone has a right to ask their own individual question, whether her it's been asked already or not.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, most of the questions I've asked were sort of unique (at least to me) so I couldn't find any answers from other questions.

    The problem is, the site has the most sh*tastic way of searching for and categorizing questions. So a user who does want answers to his/her questions can search it in the search box or even input key words and wouldn't find it. Also, the current filtering system in the categories (Recent, Video, Polls, etc.) don't help anything. So you can't really find the answer you want.

    Yes, I do believe some questions are asked WAY too much, but they seem to be by only newbies who don't know how the site works or by the same people (Ex. the "Do white guys like black girls?" or "Why don't girls like short guys?" type questions). I don't really mind the repeated questions, usually each one has some sort of different situation or story to tell which influences the answer. If I see a repeated question, I either copy my answer from a previously answered one or just don't answer it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 90% of the time it does seem like a similar question has been answered, sometimes many times. The problem is the search feature on this site kinda sucks so people don't even bother with it.

    • YES. I seriously hope that feature gets a serious revamp when the big update happens

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What Guys Said 5

  • They need to apply software that deletes the 'does he/she like me' questions. No one can tell you for sure who doesn't know you and the other person...

  • False. Most people do not give enough information for their own questions to give viable answers. You learn this by answering those questions and then having them, when you give a disfavorable answer, throw in some crazy plottwist that's supposed to change your mind. Sometimes in order to get people to tell the truth you have to lie to them in their own question about the actual meaning of various things like signs and the like.

    Esp. with the "What does he want?" > "Did I do something wrong?" > "What does this mean?" questions. People lie so badly to garner sympathy here it's damn ridiculous.

  • People have been relearning what's been learned and repeating what's been repeated since the beginning of time. We are individuals and we all learn, experience, grow and mature differently. No matter what we do, we can never solve something indefinitely. There will always be questions solved and asked again, it's life.

    It's the same idea that older people think younger people are a lost cause, but that's exactly what they were seen as when they were younger. It's a constant cycle.

    Each and every person needs that personal advice, that personal engagement and knowledge to learn and grow as a person. That's why I never give people grief for simply being human.

  • what about something very serious that never gets talked about, like, Boxers or birefS? :p

    • Lol, actually think that subject has been discussed

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    • are you a virgin?

    • Yes

  • Alot of the time people have certain details that they need to give about their own situation, details that would be different from another version of the same question. So I'm OK with people posting the same questions. Besides, different people often answer each time, so you get a larger sample group of answers.


What Girls Said 2

  • Ya know, when ya go to ask the question they have a list of other peoples questions that may be similar to yours and they ask you if your question is different and usually people say yes, but theyre asking the same questions a million times over it seems. You're right, that's all I see on here as well and It really is annoying to be honest. When I go to ask my questions I try and make mine out of the ordinary just to be a bit different :)

  • If you don't like the repeat questions don't read them, that's what I do. And most of the repeat 'does he like me' questions don't get many responses, if any, because we are all bored with them.


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