What would you do if you haven't seen an apology message from an ex you wanted to get back with?

my boyfriend broke up with me in a very rude way , and he didn't talk to me for 2 months and half that I though he will never come back , although down myself I knew he would come back as he loved me so much , but I really lost any home during this 2 months and half and I started to move on, I didn't check my fb messages anymore as I lost all hope to hear from him cause he didn't for 2.5 months , when I check my messages I found that he had messaged me a month and half before , I was so happy cause I knew he would come back ,but at the same time I've seen it a month and half later , do you think he should have called me or something if it was obvious that I Haven't seen the message or what ?


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  • I am a strong believer that exes are exes for a reason and repeating your mistakes will not change the outcome. He was rude to you he left you why would you want him back.


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