Is it worth trying to save the relationship?

Last year I had a huge crush on this guy. We got together and stayed together for a month. Then he claimed that he thought he was just hurting me, and broke it off.

We came back to university and he asked me out again the first day. We have been together since August 14. My family thinks I am depressed since we got back together. I love him, there is not a doubt in my mind that I love him in some way. But.. I just feel like I am less of a person since we got back together. I feel less alive. He tells me how much he loves me all the time and he doesn't do anything wrong, but we really don't go out and never did. I always feel like he expects me to take care of him and I will admit that I am a very traditional woman. I want the stereotypical kind of happy relationship. I don't want to be taking care of him all the time. I keep almost ending it and then he freaks out and starts crying and my heart aches to make it stop. I don't want him to hurt. I want him happy, I want him to feel loved and comforted, but I feel like I should be his sister or something. Not his girlfriend. I love him. I know I do. But should I keep trying to make it work or.. should I leave him?


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  • I'm sure he's great. He's just not "the one" for you. You are clearly not feeling sparks of any kind. And you are only going with the waves.

    You care for him a lot, but that is not Love.

    Tell him he deserves to feel sparks. He deserves much more than what you can give him.

    And you deserve more too.


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