What are your thoughts? Girl situation.

I like a girl. There are lots of signs that many say she obviously likes/d me back, but she complained to me about men who are attracted to her and try to enter a relationship and she stops talking to them. So, I don't ever make a move to not risk ruining a friendship which I've so treasured. Things peak to where she strongly hints to cuddling, but I'm still too timid to even try anything. I finally get courage to talk to her (after two months of being close), but I start getting the cold shoulder before I can meet up with her. She takes forever to respond to texts, is always to busy to meet up, etc. This lasts for 3 weeks until now she responds semi-normally to texts again and she invites me to come hang again, but only in group settings. If the group cancels and it's just the two of us, she'll find some reason to not hang.

Side notes of possible importance:

I found out the story of her ex who she's clearly over, but not over how things went down. Maybe she doesn't trust anyone now.

We used to hang out alone every day or at least every other.

When texting now, she texts me to just find out how my day was and catch up. She makes some small effort to stay caught up, which we can hardly do since we don't meet in person

We are co-workers now and will be moving to opposite ends of the country in a few months. She considered moving with me, but stopped mentioning it.


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  • If she is hinting that she likes you, then when she talks about guys "who are attracted to her and try to enter a relationship and she stops talking to them" she's trying to tell you that she doesn't play games, and she won't flirt with other guys when she's with you.

    Girls take forever to respond to texts on purpose to give off the "i'm busy vibe" so you don't feel the "clingy vibe"

    She's clearly nervous about moving things too fast with you, but is really into you. You need to show her that you are a serious, kind, individual that isn't into playing games with her heart. Good Luck :)


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  • man you already know what to do so do it


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