I have no luck. How do I appeal to girls my own age?

My ex and I had a mutual breakup the day before our one year, and I haven't been much on the dating scene. This was 11 months ago, and while I enjoy the freedom, I can get lonely sometimes. I'm not some Mr. Sexopants, in fact I have an oath of pre-marital celibacy. I want a slow paced, romantic relationship. Nothing over the top romantic, buta slow relationship where I can get to really know her. In the case with my ex, I enjoyed spending time with her. Just being in her presence was enough to make me happy. But she wanted more, which I couldn't give. So I told her she needed someone who could make her happy. I don't want to continue that pattern. Are any girls 16-19 interested in that kind of relationship? I can't tell. I've been flirted with a couple times, but only by girls who like me, but not for me. I always see girls, and more than once a girl I'm interested in gravitate toward the alpha-male jock douche bags with testosterone overload. Am I going to be lonely thrOugh my senior year and college,or is there going to be someone for me? I mean, I made the base ball and field hockey teams, only to try and get *female interest*'s attention... but she went for *cough cough* thing with his muscles *cough cough* the team captain. I'm attractive, but girls my age see only that. I refuse to date someone way younger or way older than me. But how do I appeal to girls my own age without using my looks? Because that's all they seem to see.


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  • Have more of a confident vibe when you're out and about because I can even sense a lack of confidence which is a turn off. And, it won't be like this forever because high school is such a small portion of your whole life. COLLEGE is fun. its great. So many types of girls with different personalities and interests. That is when you should really go out and explore what type of girl you like and make the mistakes

    • Thanks for the advice. I took a class on improving self-confidence and since then have found a girl I'm very happy with.

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  • I agree with you. Those type of relationships are better. I think the best kind of relationships stem from friendships. If you want to meet someone, try to join a club or some kind of thing that you are interested in and that way you can find someone who has same interests than you do. Good luck!

  • You probably need to dress cooler. Usually the people who I noticed who can't attract people their own age, tend to dress dowdier or more conservatively than the average person your age.

    look at the guys who get the girls you want, and model your style after theirs


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  • I love when the doom comes. "Is it over for me? Will I be alone for years upon years? What hath God wrought against me, dear sirs?"

    Look, you'll be fine; first you will likely be signle for your senion year in high school. Sorry. Secondly you will likely be able to very easily find and join a club filled with people such as Christians who earnestly take vows of celibacy and quite literally date like you describe to the tee. So the odds of you pulling a "I'm dying alone!" in your 20s are just obscenely low unless you make zero effort.

    You're getting hung up on what you don't have and how that's "working" rather than what you do have. We call this jealousy, you know, or in your case it's advancing slowly towards envy. You don't want envy. Slow your roll there good sir.


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