He reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, do I tell him?

So I met this guy at a party, and I was pretty drunk. We ended up chatting quite a lot and sorta holding hands on the sofa (tame I know haha) and he asked me out.

Drunk me was like "yeah, sure!", but sober me the next day realized that it's totally because he reminds me A LOT of my ex boyfriend (who I am totally over, but we broke up because of bad timing and distance).

We're going for drinks in the next couple of days, and my friends are telling me to go ahead and give him a chance, but I feel like if he still reminds me of my ex, then it's a no-go.

If I decide I don't wanna see him again because of that, should I explain why? If yes, then do I tell him at the end of the date if he tries to schedule another, or do I just leave it and break it off another way (how/ what do I say?)

Guys- would you rather know the reason?


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  • Give him a chance, if you think about it long and hard enough you could find something that reminds you of him in all your friends and family. As far as explaining the reason, don't bother unless he seems into you. Keep in mind there's a real possibility of him being in the same situation as you are now.

  • Give him a chance. Why does it matter if he reminds you of him? You broke up with your ex because of distance and bad timing. I doubt it happens a second time. Your ex was still a boyfriend so you obviously liked him and the break up was only situational not an emotional or personal change.

    However if you don't like him just tell the truth; you had a bad time, or he does remind you of your ex. I would tell him ASAP because we don't like to be kept waiting that much.


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