I do really miss him. What's going on? Guys help

We broke up like a month ago and we fought for a while I'm pretty sure I hurt him. Regardless he added me back on Facebook 2 days after getting into another relationship, kept texting back even tho he says "I don't care" but every time he comes into work (we work together) I'll look up and he's looking at me. I found out he hasn't been dating anyone and I really do kind of miss him... Do you think he still has feelings for me? Is there any chance getting back together?
Okay well in the beginning he was really sweet you know opening doors for me and calling me every night right before bed. We broke up for a little bit but still went on dates because I still had feelings for my ex and I told him that. One day I asked him a question if he was still smoking weed and he kind of blew up. He still took me home and I apologized for believing someone over him. We were good then got into this really really bad fight he called me asking me "where we stood with...
each other" I told him I still cared for him and if he wanted to we could keep trying to date.. we got back together and went on one more date it was great and I met his sisters that night not on accident. The next day I was acting distant and he texted me saying he wanted to take a break and I told him I wanted to break up the next day he texted me asking if I was mad at him...
We I told him no "we weren't meant to be together" we tried to be friends with benefits but where we work people like to start drama so someone told him I was talking trash and he said "I don't want to be anything with you but friends" for the next month we just kept fighting. We weren't even on texting terms and he added me back on Facebook 2 days after hit "new relationship"..


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  • I don't think those circumstances alone warrant a conclusion of getting back together.

    Maybe if there was additional information, it could.

    • re: updates. You both sound like a couple finishing the death throws. I can't really see him being interested in you still.

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    • He doesn't really hate you, he is just in a vengeance stage, which plays into his fathomless selfishness. Then one day it will wax cold and he'll lose all concern for you.

    • He keeps wanting to talk and I say that's fine as long as we both stay calm then he blows it out of proportion and it's yet again another fight and it's stupid. It's a broken record.

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  • Like Pedantic said we need more info but I will say that is he truly cared for you before than he should still care for you.

    • You both have not been truthful and fair to each other so it really is best to move on

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    • Well it wasn't fair to start a relationship with anyone if you still had feelings for another guy and I bet he was still smoking weed.

    • I know I thought I was over my ex it's not like I hop from relationship to relationship. That's why, I honestly don't care if he is I just wanted him to be honest with me I just want to know if there any chance he'd even think about startin over. I know he cares or did.

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  • I think he does have feelings for you and maybe if you want to continue dating then maybe talk about it And see what he says.


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