Why is she ignoring my messages on Facebook?

Well my story is, I just recently met this girl, we don't know each other at all and we never met be4. But the day we met, she was actually the one who came up to me and asked me a question Because it seemed like she was in a hurry to go somewhere. So we got talking and I must say I maintained some eye contact with her while we talked and she did the same, but it was not 4 too long I must say sometimes it got kinda awkward. So after that we took the same transit together and tho we didn't speak much while transittin. I couldn't help but figit the whole time I sat beside her, meanwhile she was busy looking through her phone and I kept looking 'round and then at her and it seemed like she kinda noticed and then paused and looked at me back, then I just turned away *laughs*. Then while I was almost about to reach my stop, she asked me where I lived and I told her. Then I asked her if she's on Facebook and she said yes and gave me her Facebook name, I later sent her a request the next day and she accepted. SORRY GUYZ I KNOW MY STORY MIGHT BE A little BIT LONG AND TIRING LOL, BUT I NEED TO EXPLAIN THIS SO I CAN GET TO MY QUESTION. SO THNX 4 your PATIENCE. well back to what I was sayin, so she accepted my friend request and then the next day I sent her a message and she replied back. Then we continued chattin only for a short amount of time and we both told each other goodnite. Then the next day I text her again on Facebook and this time she didn't respond, so I was like OK maybe she's going to reply later or the next day when she sees it. Next day, I notice she was not online at all, then the day after next I texted her again and this time she was on, but she did not answer back and logged off few min later. But to me it looks like she doesn't spend much time on Facebook *chuckles* well I don't either except maybe only when it's important. So that's the 2nd time she didn't reply back and I'm wondering But WHY? did I do or say something wrong in my message? So now back to my question, Is this girl just deliberately ignoring me now or was she just being friendly to me the 1st time we met and the one time we chatted? I'm confused. Then why will she give me her Facebook name and accept my request if she was only gonna talk to me just once? Or should I give it more time and see if she replies back after a few days but I don't message her? Because I don't have her phone # and I will like to ask her so we can chat normally and maybe get to know her more. Please if you can answer my question I'd really appreciate it.


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  • You are coming on too strong. Are you trying to have her talk to you every single day? No way. She's trying to force some distance by not responding..

    She gave you her Facebook and accepted request because there's nothing wrong with having friends.

    Give it sometime. You need to grab her attention with something really good. Wait about a week, then either try to run into her at the stop again, or wait until some big event is happening and invite her to it


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