I have a complicated situation! Please help me!

Ok so my situation right now is really complicated and I'm going to try my best to explain it. AND I BEG YOU TO PLEASE TAKE SOME OF YOUR PRECIOSE TIME TO READ IT AND HELP ME OUT :)

It all started when me and my now boyfriend (let's call him jack). Me and him got really close but nothing happened about 7 months ago and I told him how I felt and he straight up rejected me, so I moved on and closed all feelings for him off.

So I moved on and about 2-3 weeks later all of sudden me and (let's call him ken) ken started to talk and ken was the one that started the talking, but ken is also one of jacks best mates. (I have been friends with both these boys for about a year) so me and ken started to hang out and then we ended up sleeping together for about 2 months on and off, and I started to fall for him so I asked him what was going on and he said just some fun, so he rejected me so we stopped talking.

And because we are all in the same friend group we saw each other just about every weekend and for some reason I could not get him out of my head.

So I decided I was going to stop looking and work on my self and fer my head right and I did.

And then about 2 months ago jack came up to me and with some help and encouragement from his other friends told me that he really liked me and he always had, so then I was kinda sucked back in, and now we are together and have been for just about 2 months but for some reason I don't have the same feelings for him and I think it's because I shut them out or forgot about him so long ago, but for some reason every time I look at ken (and I see him all the time now) I get this feeling like I want to be with him.

And this past weekend he broke up with his girlfriend and I have been helping him through it and helping his girlfriend as well because there is more to it then just a break up and I guess I've had to spend a bit of time with him and we have both seen a different side to each other.

So I feel attracted to and really like ken but I like jack to but I just feel like there is just something not there or not right.

But I feel so horrible having feelings for jacks best mate and I know if I broke up and got with ken that would break jacks heart.

But if I don't and this feeling just gets worse I don't want to be leading him on in our relationship. But I also don't know how ken feels.

I JUST REALLY don't KNOW WHAT TO DO! Some one please give me some advice


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  • my advice is you broke up because you werent compatible as a couple although you were as friends. the best thing to do is to wait and find someone else. don't do the same mistake again, unless you're doing it for fun


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  • The best advice is to get out of the relationship with Jack who is best friend with ken whom you have already slept ... to speak the truth no one is perfect put it does not give you a good reputation between the two guys. Take time and work on yourself more and maybe you will meet someone else with less of the love triangle drama.


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