What is your opinion on what's next?

Last year my boyfriend dumped me for another girl (after11months2gether)spend Halloween-new years with her...so the 5th of Jan we got back together he had cheated on her for a week with me well the holidays are coming back up and I'm not sure how to feel.about them...the last few days he's been getting into arguments with me bout my phone or how long it takes me to get ready (now I like to look goodb4 we go out) and he's been threatening me to leave so.after hearing it so many times I told him I'll respect it and let him go...n then he came right back...I'm just at a point where these days

I don't have it In me to fight or argue anymore! And he spent last Xmas after he dumped me with another girl.who.I knew well it just brings up a lot from our past and I don't know if I even want to.celebrate Xmas with him ( plus a few weeks ago.I found out from a stripper he cheated on.me last year while we was together with.her) I have so much going on in my noggin...I constantly fight my head and heart tell me what's up besides get over the past


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  • It would clear your head if you decided to spend the holidays with someone you feel happy to be with.

    Such as your cat. The cat won't be going to a stripper or looking for another girl to celebrate with.


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  • Well, that's a sucky situation... But I'm not sure what your question is? If you're asking if you should stay with this guy, then my answer would be no. He sounds like he brings a ton of drama and he's making you miserable, whether you're ready to admit it or not.

    There are certain people that will continue to draw you in and make you second-guess your own decisions and instincts, while they slowly screw up your life and drive you crazy. There will *always* be people like that in the world, and they will hang around you for as long as you allow them to. You must know that the stuff he's done is totally unacceptable, right? I mean, there's cheating and strippers and other women and arguments and threats... does that sound like a decent relationship to you?

    Blah. Let it go, cut the cord, stop accepting sh-tty behavior from him (or anyone else for that matter.)


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