She needs time and wants to be friends

Hi all,

I had a long distance relationship with my ex girlfriend and decided not to pursue the relationship anymore fearing her an I will be hurt. I love the girl to death and during the breakup could not stop thinking about her. on many occasions, our common friends told me she kept asking about me, and as result, I decided to initiate contact with her. when reinitiated contact again, she was very receptive , told me how much she appreciates me, even pointing out that I am her first boyfriend. however, she wants us to be friends and ask me to give her time ( WHY) I am ready to be in a relationship with her. we talk very often and I always feel like she is not as emotionally involved as before ( is she hidding her feelings, or is she just not interested?) . I plan to visit her in our home town next month and she does not mind. I fear that I am wasting my time with her cos I have been waiting for 3 months.. please advise


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  • she just wants to be firiends


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