Is it creepy just dropping off an ex's stuff at his door?

My boyfriend recently decided he needed to get his life in order. I totally understand and I'm proud of him. He says he still wants to see me he just can't focus on a relationship right now. And I believe him, because w/n 3 days of us ending/or taking this break he's signed up for online classes and is going back to work in a studio (he hasn't been there since may). He has one of my mom's pots she wants back and I've asked for it twice but I've kinda given up on that hah. I want to give him back his shirt and some things because I also have a quick note letting him know I'm here to support him (I'm not at all begging in it). Can I just leave it at his doorstep? Or is that creepy? I don't want to bother him by texting him because I want to give him space.


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  • nope it would be more creepy if you hung on to his stuff. make arrangements to drop his things off and omit giving him a note. instead when you have the opportunity or whenever the time is right let him know in person that you still want to be his friend and that you support his decision. take care and you sound like a very mature person to be able handle what he needs to do without needing a wambulance or making a big scene about it.

    • I've tried to make arrangements twice now and it hast worked out. Either he isn't ready to see me or he wants the pot haha. As far as talking with him- I'm not ready. I've always had problems with communicating. We need time to ourselves before we can start working on things. And thank you, I mean I'm 23 I should know how to deal with situations. And I know it's probably not over but who knows.

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    • Thanks! It's so nice hearing someone being positive haha! I'm sure it'll work out in the end, we both are just working on ourselves so we can be more complete people. Simple as that.

    • there ya go! take care sweetie :o)

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  • why don't you just knock on the door so you can get your pot back?

    that said no it's not creepy.


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  • I think I would be a little creeped out by that. Maybe mailing it would seem a little less weird?


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