Will she ever call? or does she miss us?

we broke up in May but lived together until July. I helped her move her into her apt. we said we would try to still date because we loved each other so much.

come August she is dating her co worker and I asked for my keys back. I also had her get the rest of her clothes out of my house.

we bought a house together (I paid but we picked it out) we also bought a dog together. she told me to enjoy my life and do not contact her.

I google her pic every day because I miss her so much as a person. does she ever think and miss the family we had? or is this guy really that better that she doesn't? he is a 33 that still lives in the town house in south boston he grew up in. family owns the 3 family. I gave her a house, a family and worker my ass of to get us a better life


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  • She has moved on, Pumped120. After all you have done, she does not weigh the fact that you laid your heart, foundation for her home, family and life style. There are women who move on rapidly after a break up. They move on because they push themselves to accept their own ideologies that have supposedly work for them in the past. This is what she has done, a sort of justification to move on from you. I still have some feelings for my former as you had. The most difficult start is to recognize they now live their life passed our past memories. Try not to look at her images anymore because that will re-burn the past as strong as it was yesterday towards today. Live your day as a new day, live your life as she has moved on and live your life as you must move on.

    Your not alone in having feelings for your ex, just do not let it destroy you.

    Good Luck

    -Nicholas Halden


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  • do whatever it take to move on as she has.. You have an image of her that is consistent with who she really is.

    drag your thoughts away from her any way you can.

  • Sounds like your still smitten over her. She sounds likes she moved on I say you try to give it a go.. It's better than sitting at a computer desk googling her photo, slightly creepy as well but if it was ment to be it will be

    • it's because I'm still living in the house and taking care of the dog. plus just went to my sisters wedding where I was going to purpose to the next day. it's only been 3 months so hopefully it will get better

    • Awww, it will. just focus on other things for now and when your ready to start seeing other people then g for it and who know what the future holds you may even get back together

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