Not sure if the guy is interested?

We've met on a field trip, which was organized by the school, he said I'm funny and adorable and he always wanted to meet me... But there was one whore who's been all over him the whole time, he took his chance and banged her, right after he got rid of her he came back to me and grabbed my hand ( it is very intimate thing for me) and said he doesn't want to see anyone except for me, he said he's sick and tired of stupid people, we've spend the whole evening together, he walked me to my room and kissed me good night, which was completely awkward, but despite that everything was terribly well. But now we're back and he is ignoring me completely, why wouldn't he call or text or ask me out, he acts like nothing ever happened, I don't get it, everything was fine and what should I do now?


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  • It sounds to me like he is/was trying to use you as either A) a one night stand or B) As a rebound.

    A lot of college/university males aren't looking for long term relationships. He most likely was just trying to make you think he is nice by being sincere.

    I could be completely wrong, however I have never met this guy, so I can't make an accurate judgement.

    If you'd like you could talk to him about it if you have his contact information.

    Best of luck,

    Have a great day :)

    • Thank you for your answer, however I hope you're wrong ;)

    • You're welcome. Please rate this as the best answer, seeing how I'm the only answerer here ;)

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