Is getting something else from someone other than your partner, cheating?

I asked a question kinda like this yesterday, but I don't think I explained

myself correctly and so I wanted to try this again. Because, I'd really like

to know what peoples opinions are on this.

We all know cheating is usually a sexual encounter, but what if it's not about that.

But, instead about feeling an emotional connection, a spark, a happiness or all of

the above, with someone other than your partner.And, so you started spending

time with that person and feeling all the feelings with them, that you should feel

with the one your with and you tell them things that you can't tell your partner,

because you don't have the same connection with them, as you do this other

person. Would you consider that cheating?


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  • Yes it's emotional cheating... Although I'm generally more tolerant of that since you can't really help who you are attracted to and who you fall for. It is still cheating by technicality.


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