Told him how I felt about him.. No response?

My ex and I, broke up 3 years ago... We were a lot younger, and more foolish. I think if we dated now things would be a lot different. He soon moved out of the country, and we have been in communication for the last 2 years... mostly by email/Facebook... and sometimes we fall into old patterns of speaking together as if we were together.

anywho, somehow my feelings have deepened for him tremendously... and I asked him if he was moving back.. and he said he "i won't be moving anywhere.. anytime soon, I guess"... so I took that as... okay, this is going nowhere. and I then just told him that I had feelings for him, and since I don't think we are ever going to be together.. I don't think I can be in communication with him anymore because its breaking my heart. He didn't respond... (he saw the message though, you can see this on Facebook) so of course, I freaked out a bit... and then sent him a second message, bringing up stupid things from our first time being together that hurt me, and blah blah. Honestly, I know I shouldn't have done that.. because I have forgiven him already... I guess I was just upset that he didn't respond. so of course.. he doesn't respond to this either...

so my two questions are this:

1. why would he keep the conversation going with me for 2 years, knowing he wasn't coming back? I mean... with the pet names, the sexual talk... we even were possibly planning to go on vacation together in three months... if he knew he wasn't moving back, why would he keep this going? Honestly, I feel he has to feel something for me... why talk to someone you don't care about?

2. he hasn't responded... two either of my emails, which makes me feel sh*tty. what should I do? I didn't really ask any questions in the emails... I just told him I don't think I can keep talking to him, because it hurts me... but I still feel he should have said something...

i feel like giving him a week to respond, and than if not. I will just block him, and forget about it.

why hasn't he responded? Do you think he will respond? Should he respond?

sorry if I sound like an idiot. this is what feelings do to people.


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  • 1) He liked flirting with you, but never had any intention of it being serious.

    2) don't contact him again, and don't reply to any more messages from him.


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