My ex-boyfriend mad at me. Please help!

because I got a tattoo without him...twice. So I'm at work and my ex (we still keep in touch) texts me a picture of his deposit on his first tattoo. I was genuinely happy for him because I know how much he's been looking forward to it. Throughout the conversation I told him I got mines but was too nervous to tell him. He then tells me "oh I realize you get tattoos when we break up" (mind you if that were the case, I would have about 15 of them...we've been together for close to 4 years). I told him me getting tattoos after we break up helps cope with the hurt and pain of him leaving...again. I figured he was mad about it and what I said but it's true, but I don't understand why. He told me I'm more spontaneous when we're not together but that when we were together and whenever he wanted to do something, it was like "asking god for a miracle" which is complete bullsh*t. I gave my all to him, moved into his house, did everything her wanted to do whether I wanted to or not, but he couldn't even make the effort to visit me or my family in my house but would visit his friend who lives in the same borough as I do. This has me infuriated and I can't let it go and can't wrap me head around the logic to his reasoning. PLEASE HELP!
AND to top it off, he was the one who broke up with why is he mad?!?!?


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  • he's clearly just not over the relationship.

    the question really is if you don't have to subject yourself to him then why do you?

    maybe he does legitimately feel like it was hard to get you to do things or perhaps he's just upset that you are doing this specific thing regardless there really is no reason to deal with it.

    • I do it because I love him. I just don't understand his logic to the whole thing. I know from my part I gave 100 when he would only give 80. Whenever he wanted to do something whether I wanted to or not, I still would do it for him but he never sees that. Whenever I wanted to do something, it was always a problem for him. He didn't spend time with my me and my family for my birthday. I just don't understand his logic to his reasoning with the whole situation and it's upsetting me

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    • it's fine. even when you break up with someone there can be a tendency to still have some residual feelings and considering he broke up and got back together multiples times I'd assume there are still some feelings. plus he's just selfish so he's going to take personally behavior that he shouldn't

    • But you know what's kills me about this whole thing? I still have hope in my heart that we can once again try to make it work but my mind is telling me that history tends to repeat itself and how much heartache and hurt can I continue to take? Close to 4 years together and every time he ends it he always tells me he doesn't know what he wants. I felt like I was always living on the edge with him

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  • You're drinking poison and you don't even realize it.

    Stop hanging out with this jackass.

  • He's an Ex. Who the hell cares what he wants?


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  • You both are still having relationship issues and you aren't even together.

    It seems to me that any type of relation you have with each other is an un-healthy one.

    There's no reason for this to even become a problem especially when you two aren't

    even together.

    I think you two should cease all contact.

    You both are better a part.

    • I guess I still want him around because I do love him and still want to have some type of connection with him but even when we're not together he still manages to make me feel like I did something wrong.

  • I don't understand why would you still keep in touch with him.He is your ex for a reason.You know he is a jerk and you gave him the chance to hurt you for the second time? Leave this guy alone.He is trying to control your life.

    • @update:He wants to be desired by you but it seems like you have move on and it breaks his ego.

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