What is this guy's angle?

Okay, so a few months ago, me and this guy were at a party, and he got slightly drunk like the rest of us were, and he kept being rather flirty with me and we spent literally thee whole night/early morning together talking, during this , he kept saying things like: "don't you just love kissing, isn't it great" , "your really beautiful, but you ruin yourself sometimes"- we were talking about make up(not that I wear any :S) , also I was wearing a red dress and we were talking about colors and he said "my favorite color on a girl is red", also during the whole night, our faces were very close to one another, well within easy kissing distance.Nothing really happened aftee this and we went on a school trip, and people added that he was being very flirty with me, and when school started back (im in my last year now) he was just normal with me, we do have our moments though, like he kept playing with my hair, and here it is-he has just started going out with a girl who I'm friends with, however, we were at another party only last week and he was kissing and just gernerally with his girlfriend, but he called me funny and cute, and took a funny picture of me and put it online, I don't mind it that much , but when I asked him to take it down he was like "No it's halarious" and when I laughed it off and asked him again he said it was beautiful and so cute BUT he keeps insulting me sometimes and now basiclly I'm so confused, why is he saying and doin these flirty things but going out with another girl? Am I his back up girl or something ?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.


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  • Sounds a total idiot to me and full of himself! he is only young but he will learn very quickly not to think he is gods gift!

    take a pic of him and post it I bet he will ask you to remove it for sure! move on

  • He's ad***and uses compliments mixed with insults to get girls but it does work sometimes he just sounds like he's doing tio wrong.


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