Should I move on or not ?

This Boy , I Met This Year In August . We Veen " Talking " Till This Day . I Really Do Like Him We Spend Much Time Together , Almost Everyday He Come over , Or Ill Go Over His House . Cook With His Moms . Play The Game Together <3 We Do a lot ! BUT Their One BIG Problem . When He Gets Mad He Talks To Me Like He My Parent . He Would say Something Like " look at me When I'm Talking To You " or " When You Going To Grow Up and Stop Acting Childish " and Even More ! And I'm The Type Of Person To Get Smart Back At Him But You Can Do That Him Cause You Be Arugin With Him All Night ! I Want a Boyfriend Not Another Father . So What Do You Think I Should Do , Be Honest


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  • talk to him about it. be honest, but polite and non-dramatic about it.


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  • First off, stop typing how you do.

    Secondly, that's how many boys are unfortunately. I had a boyfriend that did that to me all the time, and I would snap back cause I don't like being spoken down to. Overall, you need to tell him to cut the sh*t and stand up for yourself. Don't just get smart with him, but actually tell him to cut it out.


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