My boyfriend, my ex and me.

I was with my ex boyfriend for almost two years. But I dumped him beginning of this year due to fact all he did was lie to me and go behind my back, keep secrets from me and break all his promises to me.

After I dumped him me and him fooled about for a few months until I found my current boyfriend. He then turned nasty to me saying how he hated me and never loved me and only used me for sex. Of course he didn't like it, but this guy made me happy and 6 months down the line my ex now has a new girlfriend and it feels like it bugs me and I feel somewhat jealous. He's 18 dating a 15 year old girl, who in the same year as my little sister at school.

Before I found out he was with this girl he used to message me trying to tell me he was sleeping and seein someone and if I was jealous and all this stuff. But he hasn't made it public he's dating her. I saw through her tweets, and my little sister found out. By his new girlfriends tweets he doesn't seem to be treating her right and he hasn't tried to rub it in my face. I can't get over this jealous feeling even though I a perfectly happy relationship?


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  • you're jealous that he's not mistreating you, lying to you and going behind your back?

    I think it's natural to feel jealousy but you need to remind yourself time and time again of why you aren't with him. he was a crummy boyfriend and now he's being a crummy boyfriend to some other poor naive girl. consider yourself happy to be rid of him and just move forward step by step

  • Two years is a long time.But my advice is forget him.Just like what he did for you.

    • I want to forget about him. But it's so hard that he goes to the same college as me and my boyfriend which is an add on to our old school where his girlfriend is and my little sister are too. And he's in one of my college courses.

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