Have you ever been in a situation like this?

where you been with someone for a while, you loved each other, and you're meant to be, but then both of you broke up, but still had sex with each other on the side, got jealous when one of you would hook up with someone else, but you're just too stubborn to even want to admit that both of you wanna get back together. and after so a while or maybe even years of being stubborn and difficult, both of you finally decided to give in, and decided to be with each other? have any of you been in a situation like that?


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  • Yes.I hate the fact that she is a hot bitch but I still want to be with her for some reasons.We didn't get along better because of our stupid ego.

    • is she in a relationship?

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    • I do but for some reasons I want her in my bed.She gave me the most awesome head I ever had.Plus she has big t*ts and ass. Who would reject that?

    • well she has other guys, so why don't you move on to other chicks...theres plenty of other chicks with big breast that can give you some magnificent fellatio.

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    • oh really? care to explain?

    • More of an unspoken thing ...we both know it though.

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