Boyfriend broke it off because of school stress. Is it possible he'll come back?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 months. He's 45 minutes away at college and I work and try to visit him once a week if he's not too busy. We've never had any problems or fights, and we were very happy together.

I noticed lately he had been messaging me less and less, and acting weird. The last time I was with him, he told me he was very stressed because of school and the pressure his parents were putting on him, and he didn't think it was fair to me that he didn't have as much time for me anymore. He told me there were no other girls that he liked, and that he still loved me, but he needed space for a while. Although I'm still unsure if he broke up with me or just wanted a break for a while to think and get his life together, or both. I do know that before I left the college, I said I hope he comes back and he said he probably will.

The past two days I've given him his space, only texting him once to say good morning and once to say good night (I had told him I would, then asked if he would rather I didn't message him at all and he said no.). I've actually asked many people about this whole situation, and they all said to just continue giving him space and after his college stresses are lessened/gone, he'll most likely come back, but I just can't help but worry. So I wanted to put it on this site as well.

Based on what all had happened, do you think he may come back and ask to be together again? Thank you!


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  • Wow, while reading your post, I almost had to remember that I didn't post this myself… I am going through the exact same thing and the stories are practically the same! Except my guy and I haven't texted and there was no convo about probably coming back.

    I think it could go either way. I know that this sucks to hear, but be prepared for both scenarios. Yes, he might come back. Once all of he stress is gone he might realize that he had a great girl in front of him & that he wants her back into his life. On the flip side, he could also graduate and think, "Heck with this, I'll just move forward in my life. Why go back?"

    Some of the best advice I was ever given was, "Prepare for the worst, while you hope for the best."

    I hope that he realizes his mistake and comes back to you. And if he doesn't? Then there's someone one there who won't ever give up on you, no matter how hard the situation is. Continue to give him space and let him chase you, instead of you chasing him.

    Good luck girl :) Stay strong

    • Thanks :) He's an honest guy. When he did this break up/break, he made it clear there was no other girl and that he still loves me, and I made it clear how I felt and that I intended to wait for him. I'm hoping to go up to the same college as him this spring, so hopefully that helps a bit.

      Good luck on your situation too!

    • Thank you! :)

      And just be careful with going to the same college as a significant other. It can either make you or break you.

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  • My girlfriend told me the same line of being stressed from school and outsider pressure while we weren't together. She told me nearly every minute of the day she was busy, one month later I find out she is with another guy so I seriously doubt she put much thought into it.

    • Oh I'm sorry to hear that :( I know he's not with another girl though. I know pretty much all who he hangs out with up there so I'm comfortable knowing there's no other girl. If there was, I'm sure he would tell me. He isn't the type to keep anything like that from me.

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    • Hey! I just thought I'd update you! After another month of talking/not talking, and I think one more "I think we're better off as friends", he messaged me on Facebook two weeks ago apologizing for not answering my texts for a week because apparently his phone was taken away for a dumb reason. We got to talking and by the end of the night he asked if I wanted to try again with him, which I said yes. So we're happily together again :)

    • Wow that's amazing, I wish you the best of luck :)

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  • I was in your boyfriend's position . I also had lots of stress too , sometimes stress from other things can make you prioritize what is important in your life. I said to my ex that I just wanted to finish school then I will tell him if we should go on. My ex lived an hour away so I know the pain of distance. Honestly I was saying that to hurt him less. Though I loved him I was secretly starting to get tired of the whole long distance thing and I had started comparing him to other men. Maybe he isn't going through the same thing , but I think his feelings have changed for you.

    Sorry, I hope I helped and wish you luck!

    • Well, he told me he loves me still and there isn't anyone else he liked, and he isn't the type to lie. I can't see him just saying something to make me happy. I was actually just talking to my mom about the situation again and she knows he loves me because it was obvious and she's sure he's got no other girls. She thinks he's just stressed and is eliminating the worry about not having time for me.

    • It's not like he could forget you right away since you've been together for ten months. He is of course going to say he still loves you because a part of him still does. I think you should just let all of this cool down for a couple of weeks and see if he really still loves you. If he really loves you he will work things out. Because marriage is the same thing, you have to balance work and being with the person you love. If he gave up already maybe he mature yet. Give it some time

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