I was needy, I was jealous. but still confused about her behavior.

long story short. its all started 6 months ago. she was attracted to me and left her boyfriend for me ( they was about to break up anyway because they had lot of problems but I was the last trigger).

she loved me because I ignored her while all other guys chased her and flirted with her all the time. after she almost asked me out we started dating for six months.

during the first three months I was hard to get until one day she said she doesn't want to be with me any more because I didn't treat her well. from that moment I have changed and became needy.

during the last three months we had 4 break ups. all about really silly jealousy and trust issues. she broke up with me two times and I begged her back and I did the same and she begged me to go back. but every time we are back she gets cold feet and say she's confused. and want us to take time apart. she says she loves me but not convinced.

the last time she broke up with me I went for no contact and started with the move- on process. then she started to message me again and finally she said she doesn't want me back but she misses me. and want to see if I am OK. but then she said she can't be with me because I might cheat. that drove me crazy because I know I am faithful. then I said horrible things to her . after 3 days I apologized to her and she said it is over. I looked needy and desperate.

why in the world will she keep giving me attention after every break up? that confusing me and make it hard to move on.

now, even I am posting this question I know we shouldn't be together. but I want my respect back. and want her to know that I don't care any more. she did horrible things to me by playing with my emotions and confusing me and what I told her was mean but true, all of it. and I still don't know if she loves me.

i am thinking of telling her I am not really sorry when I see her.. because why to be sorry to the one who wasted my time and played all the way. and want her to know that I am better without her. what to do?


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  • Grow up? Move on-let it be. Vengeance is for the small minded.


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