He broke up with me for his ex girlfriend but still says he loves me?

Okay so there is this guy I met awhile back and we became attached to each other pretty fast. We live about 45 minutes away from each other. When we met he was already in a relationship, as so was I. But both of them were not going too well. He was there for me through my entire break up and I was there for him through his. We eventually ended up confessing we both had feelings for each other and everything was pretty much perfect for months after that. He had told me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever..and that there was no one else that could ever be better than me. This guy and I have exactly everything in common. I have never met anyone so compatible with myself before. I can say I'm honestly deeply in love with him. Well, just 2 weeks ago he broke up with me saying he needed a break because the distance was getting "hard to handle" because we couldn't see each other as much as he would like. Not to mention I saw him at least twice a week. Well, I believed it at first. But as more days went by it seemed like he was sneakily trying to push me away. I could feel it just by the way he was talking to me. He would take hours to reply to my texts and then say stuff like "If you don't want to talk to me anymore, I understand. /: " just out of the blue too. Well, to sum this up quicker...Just the other day I found out he had gotten back together with his ex girlfriend. When I asked him about it and asked him when he was actually going to tell me..He said he "wasn't" because he didn't want to hurt me. This honestly made me feel like the worst person in the entire world. I did absolutely nothing to him, he gives me all these excuses why he's breaking up with me and why we need to take a break...when all along it was because he wanted to go back to his ex girlfriend. He told me that he still "loves me so much" and that I need to just "bare with him" through this because he's confused and needs to figure things out, but he feels he needs to be with his ex girlfriend. I'm just so confused...Does he actually love me or is he just saying that? To me it feels like there's a whole lot of guilt built up inside of him and he's just saying these things to me to try and make me hurt a little less so he can ease some of this guilt.


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  • Hes playing with your emotions.

    Hes stringing you along. How can you not see that? He says he's confused, yet he's dating another woman? Clearly he's not confused.

    Stop talking to him. If he texts you, don't ever reply to him again. Stop allowing him to control and manipulate you with the bullsh*t he says. If he really "loved" you. Then distance wouldn't be a problem.

    I used to date a girl that was 45 min away, and I had no issue driving to see her. So this excuse he has given you is complete bull.

    Don't ever speak to him again. He's just toying with you.


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  • I'm sorry for your pain and what he has done to you.

    First I'm a firm believer that too many people claim to "love" each other when actually they are in lust. It takes a loooooooooong time to truly be in love with someone. It also takes many relationships and being older to realize this.

    A red flag should've been that you both are each others rebound relationships, we've all been there. If someone can jump from one relationship to another then it is more likely they will do that to you.

    This guy is getting the best of both worlds. He's got at least 2, maybe more, women just hanging out waiting for him to be available. I'd be willing to bet he was telling his ex everything he's telling you now while he was dating you. This way he can jump around to whomever he wants while 'he figures things out'. This is not love. I'm sorry but it isn't.

    The best thing you can do for yourself, which will be the hardest, is to cut off all contact. No texting, talking, seeing each other, Facebook, twitter, etc. He has hurt you and will continue to do so if you let him. If you do this you will have some horrible days. You should spend as much time with friends and family to distract yourself. And use one of them to unload all of this stuff on. Get on here and complain about him whatever. Do not find another guy to latch on to and do not go running back to him. This boy does not nor has ever loved you. If he did you wouldn't feel like you do right now. I'm so sorry for your pain. I hope you get through this having learned something about yourself and what you want in your next relationship.


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