And 5 years later... What am I supposed to do?

About 5 years ago I met these 2 guys. They were best friends and I instantly clicked with them both. They became really good friends with me over a period of time, but right from the start, lets say, guy 1, had always liked me. Guy one and I have a really close friendship, and if I am completely honest, I don't see him in any way other than a really good friend. He's always been someone I can talk to about anything. But somewhere along the way, I really fell for guy 2. Him and I go through phases where we like each other and flirt constantly, then freak out, stop and let it go. Then before we know it, we're back at it again. I'm getting sick of the whole back and forth thing we have going on, because like usual, I always run out of time and miss out.

A few years ago, he was in a relationship, and he took me to dinner after work one night.. But his girlfriend tagged along... But the chemistry was so there. The whole night we were laughing and being stupid together, while his girlfriend barely got a word in. He even paid for me?

Right now he's single and we're back in that phase, but considering all these years I've known him, he's a hard one to catch.. I just don't want to lose out again. He's flirting, but what if the reason why its taken all this time is because flirting with me is just for 'fun'? Meanwhile, his friend, Guy 1, STILL has this major thing for me. And if anything did happen with guy 2, it would crush him. What am I supposed to do? Does this guy 2 actually like me or is it best to keep it strictly friendship with them both?



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  • Gurl this is not a hard question! Guy 2! It's not everyday you will meet guy 2, you can meet many guys like no.1 if you are pretty lololol!


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