Is my girlfriend trying to get me to go further with her?

Ok so my girlfriend and I have been going out for roughly a month(it will be exactly a month in a few days). We really like each other and everything is going great! We have made out twice now, both were awesome sessions and it really made us connect on a much more personal level.

One day, which was a few nights before we made out for the second time, she was texting me about one of her friend's problems and how guys were trying to just hook up with her friend and take advantage of her. I replied and told my girlfriend that most guys would do things like that and were complete horn dogs. But then, I told her that I wasn't like that and I told her in playful sort of way that I am the master at self control and that I would never do something like that with her(which I never would). She responded by saying that I didn't have to be self controlled when I am around her, which basically seemed to mean that she was giving me permission to do stuff with her.

fast forward a few nights and me and her are at my house hanging out where we eventually start making out(this is the second time we have made out). We keep making out for a good 10 or so minutes, maybe more, and then she moves my arm that was around her(placed on her back) down to her waist/upper butt, kinda right below where the belt on pants would be located. She actually grabbed my hand and moved it there! I wasn't sure what that meant or what she wanted me to do about it so I just kept making out and kept my hand there. I didn't do anything else that night, we just kept making out for a few more minutes and then that was it for the sexual activities of the night.

I am now thinking that maybe she moved my hand there because she wanted me to go a little further than making out with her. I'm not sure exactly what it was she was wanting but it must have been something, she put it there for a reason after all. I was just a little confused how to react because my best friend told me all about everything that happened between him and his girlfriend and how they didn't really go beyond making out and go below the belt until around 3 or 4 months into the relationship. This made me hesitate with my girlfriend because I was thinking she would deem that it might be too early in the relationship to go beyond making out, although I feel ready for it. as long as she would be too.

So my question for everyone is do you think my girlfriend wanted me to go further with her that night? Why do you think she moved my hand there? Does it seem like it is too early for us to go beyond making out?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, she's telling you that it's okay to go a bit further, so go on :) You seem like a good guy and she seems very comfortable with you so I think she'll tell you if you're going to far for her comfort. As for now, she's clearly signalling you that she's okay with more.


What Guys Said 1

  • In my own opinion a month into a relationship is more than enough time to step it up a notch into the sexual activities. Its just up to both parties if they are ready or not. As for that night she initiated the contact to a certain extent, but was probably not sure if you wanted to progress. Try talking to her about it if nothing else.


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