Which is better: Moving out, or buying a vehicle?

So, I have been going to a University since the summer of 2011. I lived in the dorms that summer with a scholarship I got and I truly LOVED the freedom and being responsible of myself, which turned out better than I thought.

Anyways, for the years after that summer I have been commuting to and from the University I attend through public transportation, which takes roughly 2 hours. This summer I will be working and saving up, but I don't know which is better: moving out, or buying a car?

I understand the expenses for both (car: maintenance, gas, insurance etc. & moving out: food, utilities, bathroom stuff etc.). If I moved out, it might or might not be temporary, I just wanna get a feel of being on my own. I was thinking of maybe just moving out for the summer, while I'm working and going to school.

What do you all think is a good idea?

Thanks in advance! (:
Public transportation is pretty great down by the University I attend, which is what makes it hard for me to decide. I also get to ride it for free with my student card.


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  • It depends on how efficient the public transport system is where you live lol.

    In my city, I'd buy a car before moving out (and I loooooooove the freedom I enjoy after moving out), just because it's more practical. If our public transport system were better, I'd pick moving out.


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  • Buy a car first, THEN move out. You need a car. And it'll be much harder to save up enough money to buy one when you're out on your own. So buy a car first, then tackle trying to move out.

    • True that, thanks! (:

  • I think it's better to move out. Independence is something we all eventually need and it would be good to get a head start at living on your own.

    • Thanks! I def agree. (:

  • if you get along with your parents just stay at home and save money, and buy a used car so you can save more and move out sooner:)


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